Rhino3d CAD, Rhinogold Pro & Render Studio

About The Course :
  • We have CAD jewellery designing course along with manual jewellery designing.
  • In this course we teach students the 3D designing of jewellery.
  • We first teach them 2D designing and then transfer into the system making it 3D design.
  • Every minute details are done using a software Rhino & Rhinogold Pro.
  • Rhino & Rhinogold Pro is the latest and widely used software for CAD designing all over the industry.
  • We timely update the software as and when the new versions are available.
  • This course helps the students to get the details of the whole piece they designed which in turn help them understand the technical mistakes they make while designing.
  • This 3 dimension in designing give a feeling of manufacturing the product urself.
Rhinoceros (Rhino3d) :
RhinoGold Pro & Render Studio:
Inquiry Time: Monday to Friday - 10:30pm to 5:00pm